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    Sliding Windows: Everything You Need to Know

    Windows play the most important role in any house's appearance and ventilation. They are considered the eyes of the house. That's why a home is incomplete without its windows, as they are one of the most important components of the house. If you are building a house or you are upgrading your house, you must be wondering to know more about the windows to select the perfect windows for your house. Sliding windows are a very popular choice for most homeowners these days. But before selecting sliding windows, you need to know more about them to make a better decision.
    In this article, you will get to know everything about sliding windows. Hopefully, this information will be a torch that will lead you towards a perfect decision.


    Sliding Windows
    Sliding windows are windows with at least two sashes that open up by gliding horizontally. They are almost like double-hung windows, but the difference is that they open up horizontally, and the double-hung windows open up vertically. Sliding windows are very popular in modern houses because they are unique and open. Homeowners with innovative mindsets are choosing these types of windows because they are tired of using traditional windows that open like doors.


    Types of Sliding Windows
    Sliding windows are available in different configurations. You can select which one is suitable for your home.


    Two Sash Sliding Window
     The most common configuration is the two sashes, where one sash is fixed, and the other can slide horizontally. Usually, this configuration of the sliding window is less wide. They are used in the room's side wall for ventilation and to view the outside scene. They are also used in smaller sizes on the upper side of the wall in tight places like washrooms, storerooms, and basements.


    Three Sash Sliding Windows
    Three sash sliding window has three panels fitted in one frame. The central panel is fixed, and the left and right panels can glide to open. This configuration has quite wider as well as a good length, usually used in drawing rooms or the main wall of the house where you can view the outside scene and ventilation.


    Advantages of Sliding Windows
    The following are the advantages of sliding Windows.


    Easy to operate
    Sliding windows are very easy to operate. Just open the lock and slide its sash to get ventilation and to see the outside view.


    Sliding windows have significant durability because they don't have any complex components like springs, or pulleys that can cause any problem.
    Safer than traditional windows
    Sliding windows are safe to open compared to traditional windows. They slide left or right. But the traditional windows open up inward, and there is a chance that any kid can collide with its sash. But there is no chance of this type of collision in a sliding window


    Less expensive
    Sliding windows are affordable windows compared to traditional windows. They are affordable because of their simple structure, a piece of glass, a low-profile frame, and some components between frame tracks and sashes. They are ideal for window replacements, especially when you are tight on budget.


    Less maintenance
    Sliding windows require less maintenance other than their cleaning. Sliding windows have few components that are less prone to damage. 


    Following are some disadvantages of sliding windows.


    Hard to clean
    You will require to remove its sashes for complete cleaning. Removing sashes can be problematic because you may be able to take them off, but you can't put them back on if it is a larger heavier sash.


    Less opening
    A sliding window with two sashes has only one sash that you can open. Similarly, a sliding window with three sashes has only two sashes operational. You can open all the sashes like double-hung windows.


    Water Collection
    The water may stick in the tracks of the sash while you are cleaning them or when the window is open when it's raining outside. In this situation, removing this water from the tracks becomes very hard. Otherwise, it can damage the sliding of the sashes.


    Sliding Window Materials
    Following are some materials you can use to form sliding windows.


    Wood Frames
    Wood frames are durable and have much flexibility to glorify your house's aesthetics. Although this material can be best in forming traditional window types, sliding windows are modern windows; this material is probably not ideal for sliding windows. The sliding window operates on the tracks, and you will have to add more complex components in its frame to slide smoothly in case you choose wood frames.


    Aluminum Frames
    Aluminum frames are lightweight and less expensive than wood frames. As we know, sliding windows are modern windows; aluminum material is ideal for them. Aluminum frames are easy to install, and maintain, and do not require complex components for sliding the sashes. For this reason, an aluminum frame is the best choice for sliding windows.


    Vinyl Frames
    Vinyl window frames are easy to install, maintain and less expensive. But they are not versatile as you cannot paint on them and are less durable than aluminum frames.


    Fiberglass Frames
    Fiberglass window frames are very strong, durable, and require low maintenance. But their price is quite high, and you may be out of your budget. Besides, fiberglass frames have color fading issues, that's why fiberglass frames are not ideal for sliding windows.


    Other Window Styles
    Many different types of wood windows are made in different styles. So, let's discuss some of them.


    Bay Windows
    A bay window is a long window with three openings. It projects outward from the main wall and makes the structure of a bay in the room.


    Bow Windows
    A bow window is designed to enhance the exterior of the building and provide a wider outside view. It has a curved structure giving a round appearance outside the house.


    Picture Windows
    A picture window is a large window specially designed for a large and unobstructed view. This window is not made for ventilation purposes; that's why it does not open up.


    Awning Windows
    These windows are made in the washroom and basement for ventilation purposes. They are hinged on the top and can be opened outward from the bottom.


    Casement Windows
    These classic windows are attached to their frames from one side with hinges. These windows are attached to the main frame. The upper window is used as an awning window, opened up for ventilation purposes, and the lower windows are called hoppers.


    Sliding Windows
    Sliding windows are traditional windows that include panels of wood frame with pieces of glass. These panels can slide side to side. These windows are designed for different purposes, such as ventilation, enjoying the outside view, and glorifying the exterior look.


    Single Hung Windows
    A single-hung window is a window with two sashes, the upper sash is fixed, and you can slide the lower sash up and down.


    Double Hung Windows
    A double-hung window is a window with two sashes; you can slide both up and down.


    Sliding Windows: Final Comments
    Sliding windows are very popular among house owners, thanks to their structure, opening style, and cost efficiency. They are certainly a great option especially if you want to replace windows. They will give you a new opening style and a new look to your house. By reading about the sliding windows, you can now decide. After reading this article, you can now decide whether sliding windows can be a good addition to your home.

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