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    Fiberglass Windows: Everything You Need to Know

    Windows are considered a way of ventilation and sunshine in every house or building. They also play an important role in improving the appearance of the house. But the most important thing is choosing the right material for windows. The working efficiency and appearance of windows depending on the material you choose. Do you want to install new windows, or are you planning to do window replacement? You must be wondering to know about fiberglass windows. You clicked on the right link!
    In this article, I will discuss each aspect of fiberglass windows, their working efficiency, appearance, durability, and price. I will also present a comparison of fiberglass and other material windows.
    Fiberglass Windows
    Fiberglass windows are stronger, more durable, and more energy-efficient windows. Fiberglass windows require relatively low maintenance costs and have an incredibly stylish appearance. This window material is new to the market and is rapidly gaining popularity. Fiberglass has replaced wood as the preferred window material in modern homes.
    Advantages of Fiberglass Windows
    Following are some major advantages Of Fiberglass windows.
    Energy Efficiency
    Fiberglass windows are very good insulators. They can bear all weather conditions without melting, shrinking, or swelling. They will hold the outside weather to affect the inside temperature. As a result, the inner temperature will remain normal, and you will have to use fewer electrical appliances to maintain the inner temperature legislature. This will certainly decrease your bills.
    Water protected
    The wood window swells when exposed to rainwater, making it very difficult to open or close. But you will not face this problem in fiberglass windows because fiberglass is a waterproof material, so the water or moisture cannot damage it.
    Slim Frame: Wider View
    Since fiberglass is a very strong material, it is utilized less often than wood or vinyl. Its slim frames provide the same strength as thick wood or vinyl frames. These slim frames can contain more glass, giving you a wider view of the outdoors than a wood or vinyl window.
    Fiberglass is more than eight times stronger than vinyl, making it extremely durable. Fiberglass windows can bear extreme weather conditions without getting damaged. Some companies offer a 20-year warranty on fiberglass windows. But according to a study, fiberglass windows can last up to 50 years.
    Low Maintenance
    Fiberglass windows don't need much maintenance like wood windows. Because it does not deteriorate in any weather conditions, and there is no risk of termites attack on them. You install them once and forget that they will ever go bad.
    Noise prevention
    While they are good insulators, they are also good noise blockers. They do not leak over time; they are airtight windows and do not allow outside noise to enter.
    Fiberglass windows are versatile. They can be easily adjusted to your home décor because they have various colors and styles. You also have an option to apply a layer of paint on these windows. This is a great benefit of fiberglass windows. As we compare it to vinyl windows, vinyl comes in limited colors, and you cannot paint vinyl windows.
    Increases the home value
    Fiberglass windows are a high-quality product with a long span. Where ever they are installed, they will give a unique look to that place. That's why they increase the value of your home
    Following are some major disadvantages of Fiberglass windows.
    Limited options
    Fiberglass windows are more versatile compared to vinyl windows. But, fiberglass windows have fewer color and hardware options than wood windows.
    Difficult to find
    A few companies manufacture fiberglass windows, and they are sold in limited stores. This means you may have a hard time getting it.
    High cost
    Fiberglass windows are quite expensive compared to all the window materials. If you are looking for some budget windows, then fiberglass windows are not for you because they are too high in price.
    Color fading
    UV rays can fade the color of fiberglass windows if they are not powder coated. You should select fiberglass, which is powder coated by the company. This coating will prevent UV rays from fading color. Otherwise, you will need to apply a layer of paint to these windows.
    High installing cost
    Fiberglass windows are quite difficult to install. They are more rigid than the other material windows; you will need a professional to install these windows. Since these are special material windows, they are not easy to install. A professional installer will charge you more for the job.
    Fiberglass windows vs. Wood Windows
    Wood windows have been used for centuries. They are easy to install, durable, versatile, and very good insulators. They are flexible to adjust to the interior of your home. You can apply a layer of paint to give them a new look. But as we compare wood windows with fiberglass windows, they have some drawbacks.
    Difficult to maintain: Wood windows are quite difficult to maintain. Their color may fade over time, and you must apply a new layer of paint almost yearly. Besides, they can be affected by termites and woodworms. They need a frequent surveys to prevent these issues.
    Water resistance: wood windows are not water resistant, as they can get swelled by rainwater. As a result, you may face trouble operating them.
    Fiberglass windows vs. Vinyl Windows
    Vinyl is a type of plastic made with PVC. Vinyl windows are lightweight, easy to install, and less expensive. If you are looking for budget windows with durability, then vinyl windows will be your most affordable ones. As we Compare vinyl windows with fiberglass windows, vinyl windows have some drawbacks
    Durability: Vinyl windows are less durable than fiberglass windows. They can last for 20 years. While fiberglass windows are stronger and more durable, they can last up to 50 years.

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