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    Aluminum Windows: Everything You Need to Know

    Are you considering Aluminum windows to install, or do you want to do window replacement in your house? Selecting the right material for windows is tricky because it directly affects window efficiency. We all know that windows are one of the essential parts of the house. They make your house airy, provide sunlight, and a way to enjoy the outside view. The factors that increase the window's efficiency are its size, position, and, most importantly, its material. Many materials are available for windows, such as wood, vinyl, fiberglass, and aluminum. Among them, aluminum is a material that has become increasingly popular.
    Let's discuss some facts about aluminum windows and find whether they are the best option.

    Aluminum Windows
    Aluminum is a very lightweight material that is very strong and durable. This very flexible material can be easily tailored for any window frame shape. Aluminum windows mean the windows have an aluminum frame in which glass is fitted. These windows are becoming increasingly popular for commercial and residential buildings. Aluminum windows can be custom manufactured for different configurations such as single/double hung windows, sliding, casement, and picture windows.

    Advantages of Aluminum Windows
    Following are some advantages of Aluminum windows

    Aluminum windows are amazing durability. They can bear extreme weather conditions like heavy rain and sea winds without being spoiled. Aluminum window sashes are attached to its frame; once they are locked, they will not allow rain or strong winds to enter.

    Cost Efficiency
    Aluminum windows are very less expensive than wood windows. They perform even better than wood windows. If you want to install budget windows that are as durable as wood windows, then aluminum windows are the best option.
    Low Maintenance
    Aluminum windows require very less maintenance other than cleaning. As we talk about the wood windows, we see wrapping, swelling, and attack of termites. That's why they require a lot of maintenance; otherwise, they will get damaged. But aluminum windows are free from these problems and don't need much maintenance.

    Noise prevention
    Aluminum windows are more efficient in stopping the outside noise than vinyl windows. Aluminum window sashes are airtight when they are locked. As a result, they do not allow outside noise to enter. They control noise, therefore, they are popular choices for schools and office buildings.

    Disadvantages of Aluminum Windows
    Following are some disadvantages of Aluminum windows.

    Not good Insulators
    Aluminum windows are not good insulators because they cannot hold heat and cold. As a result, it will cause a higher heating and cooling cost to the owner. This becomes practically very problematic, especially in extreme weather. This flaw of this material decreases the energy efficiency of aluminum windows.

    Ordinary Appearance
    Aluminum windows have an ordinary appearance, and there is not much flexibility in their frames for any stylish look. They may fit into commercial buildings, but for residential buildings, they are unable to enhance their aesthetics.

    Risk of breaking
    Aluminum windows mostly consist of a lot of glass and a quite slim frame. There is a risk of breakage of the glass. This hazard especially increased in residential buildings where there are children.

    Aluminum windows vs. vinyl windows
    Vinyl is a sturdy plastic material that is lightweight and durable. Vinyl windows are also very popular because they are easy to install, less expensive, and require less maintenance. Aluminum windows and vinyl windows are almost the same in durability and maintenance. But the major difference is in their price and Color. Vinyl windows are less expensive than aluminum, but you cannot change the Color of vinyl windows once installed. But you can paint aluminum window frames in different colors.

    Aluminum windows vs. Wood windows
    Wood windows have been used for a long time when there were not many options available in the market. But they are still very popular windows. They are easy to install, have an aesthetic appearance, and are very durable. But as we compare wood windows to aluminum windows, wood windows have some disadvantages.
    Maintenance: Wood windows need more maintenance as compared to aluminum maintenance. They can wrap and swell after the rain, while aluminum windows can bear all types of extreme weather without getting warped or swelled.
    Expensive: Wood windows are more expensive than aluminum windows. Although they are more durable than aluminum windows, if you are tight on budget, wood windows will probably not fit into your budget.

    Aluminum windows vs. Fiberglass windows
    Fiberglass is strong, durable, a good insulator, and requires less maintenance. Fiberglass can bear all types of extreme weather without sticking or swelling. But as we compare fiberglass windows to aluminum windows, they may not be as good as aluminum windows.
    Expensive: Fiberglass windows are new in the market and are very expensive. Their price is near to the wood windows.
    Less variety: As they are new in the market, there is nothing much variety available in the market.
    Color complaints: fiberglass windows have color fading issues, affecting their efficiency.
    Some popular window Styles
    Many types of aluminum windows are made in different styles. Following are some popular of them.
    Picture Windows
    A picture window is a window with large glass, specially designed to enjoy the outside view. This window has a very slim frame in which a large glass is fitted. This is a fixed window and cannot be open for ventilation
    Awning Windows
    Awning windows are hinged on the top, open outward from the bottom. They are usually made in basements, washrooms, and kitchen for ventilation.
    Bay Windows
    A bay window has three openings; it projects outward from the main wall and makes the bay structure in the room.
    Bow Windows
    A bow window is designed to enhance the exterior of the building and provide a wider outside view. It has a curved structure giving a round appearance outside the house.
    Casement Windows
    These classic windows are attached to their frames from one side with hinges. These windows are attached to the main frame. The upper window is used as an awning window, opened up for ventilation purposes, and the lower windows are called hoppers.
    Sliding Windows
    Sliding windows are traditional windows that include panels of wood frame with pieces of glass. These panels can slide side to side. These windows are designed for different purposes, such as ventilation, enjoying the outside view, and glorifying the exterior look.
    Double Hung Windows
    A double-hung window is a window with two sashes; both sashes can be slid up and down.
    Single Hung Windows
    A single-hung window is a window with two sashes, the upper sash is fixed, and the lower sash can be slid up and down.
    Aluminum Windows: Summary
    Aluminum Windows are gaining so much popularity worldwide. They are less expensive, durable, and require less maintenance. They have many benefits, such as noise prevention, cost efficiency, and enhancing the exterior of commercial buildings. They may not fit in the house exterior more than wood or vinyl windows, but it has been seen that people prefer these windows for modern houses.