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    Awning Windows in Reading, PA

    Awning Windows: Everything You Need to Know

    Proper ventilation is vital in the house to keep the air fresh and healthy indoors. Homes should also be able to breathe just like our lungs, the fresh air may come in, and the dirty air can go out. This is something you should keep in mind while building a house. Awning windows are the best option to keep your house breathing. But before inserting them, you need to know everything about it to enhance their efficiency.
    In this article, I will discuss awning windows in detail. I will also discuss its efficiency, its advantages, and disadvantages. Besides, the suitable materials for the awning window will also be part of the discussion to help you make better decisions.

    Awning Windows

    Awning windows contain a slim frame into which a glass fits. An awning window is hinged from the top and opened outward from the bottom. They are used in tight places to enhance airflow and daylight. But they are also used in the rooms on the upper part of the wall. Awning windows are extremely energy efficient as they provide you natural light and ventilation by keeping your privacy.

    Advantages of Awning Windows

    The following are advantages of awning window.

    Easy to Operate

    Awning windows are easy to operate; they can be easily opened and closed through a nested fold-down crank handle. You can also use a sliding handle in the awning window, making it easier.
    Security and Privacy
    Sliding windows are placed on the upper side of the wall. It has a unique locking mechanism and can only be operated from the inside. Its placement on the upper side of the wall protects your privacy, and its locking system makes it more difficult for forced entry.

    Prevent Rainwater from Entering

    Since this window opens outward from the bottom, the opening sash makes a slide on the window that prevents rainwater from entering the room.


    Awning windows provide better ventilation compared to sliding or hung windows. Usually, winds blow sides rather than the top. Its wider shape is ideal for entering the maximum air into the room. Moreover, its placement on the wall's upper side pushes the room's heat and allows more air to flow in.

    Energy Efficiency

    Since awning windows provide better ventilation than others, this goodness makes them more energy efficient. This will reduce your reliance on electrical components to regulate your room temperature.

    Disadvantages of Awning Window

    The following are disadvantages of Awning Windows.


    It isn't easy to clean the outer sash of an awning window from the inside. You will require a ladder outside to clean the sash. But the cleanliness becomes more problematic, especially when you live on the upper floors, and installing the ladder from the outside is also quite difficult.

    Smaller Size

    The maximum awning window size is smaller than other window styles. Now you must think that we can extend the size, but we can only do this up to a limit. Because extending the size, the heavier sash can put pressure on the frame and cause the frame to uproot or the glass to break.

    Awning windows vs. Double-hung windows

    Double-hung windows have two operational sashes open up vertically. These windows are the popular choice in home styles. You can make it more efficient by opening both of its sashes halfway. The upper open part will push heat out, and the lower open part will allow fresh air to come in. You can also enjoy the outside view from a double-hung window. They are bigger compared to awning windows means; that they occupy more space on the wall. They have more complex components that can affect their durability. Both windows have their advantages, and you can choose any one according to your preferences.

    Awning windows vs. Casement Windows

    Casement windows are the traditional windows that swing out like a door. They are attached to the frame from one side, and the other side opens up outward. They are used for ventilation purposes and for viewing the outside view. Casement windows are bigger than awning windows and they are not ideal for basements and store rooms. But you can attach the awning windows to the casement window from the top to place in your living area. You can also consider a Casement window and an awning window for your kitchen above it. It will be ideal for ventilation and viewing outdoors.

    Frames for Awning Windows

    Here are some material frames you can consider for awning windows.

    Wood Frames

    Wood frames are very durable, strong, and flexible in styling. If you have other wood windows in your house, then by installing a wooden frame in the awning window, you can easily match its decor with the rest of the wooden windows in your home. But wood frames are quite expensive, and they require more maintenance. Wood frames are not for you if you are looking for a budget awning window.

    Vinyl Frames

    Vinyl frames are lightweight, easy to install, and require less maintenance. Vinyl windows are ideal for you, especially if you are looking for cheap windows with durability.

    Aluminum Frames

    Aluminum windows are becoming increasingly popular these days. They are lightweight, less expensive, durable, and require less maintenance. Due to these qualities, aluminum window frames are the best choices for homeowners, especially for awning windows.

    Fiberglass Frames

    Fiberglass window frames are very strong, durable, and require less maintenance. But they are very high in price and have color fading issues.

    Some Best Windows for your Home

    There are many different types of windows made of different materials. So, let's discuss some of them.

    Bay Windows

    The Bay window is the configuration of three windows, whereas the main window is the picture window. The corner windows may be casement/hung windows. The Bay window is projected outward from the wall to enhance the beauty of the exterior and makes the bay structure in the room.

    Bow Windows

    The bow window is the configuration of at least four or more windows. This window provides a wider view of the outside and more ventilation. It also enhances the beauty of the exterior of the house.

    Casement Windows

    Casement windows are attached to the mainframe from one side through hinges. The upper window is the awning window, and the lower windows are hoppers. You can easily open and close them when needed.

    Sliding Windows

    Sliding windows are commonly aluminum frame windows. You can slide the window panels side to side. These windows are used for different purposes, like ventilation, viewing the outside view, and glorifying the exterior look.

    Double Hung Windows

    Double-hung windows are windows with two sashes. Both sashes can slide up and down.

    Single Hung Windows

    Single-hung windows are windows with two sashes, but only the lower sash can slide up and down, and the upper sash is fixed.

    Awning windows: Conclusion

    Awning windows are the best for ventilation and lighting in tight spaces. These windows occupy less space and provide more energy efficiency. Disadvantages are that it is difficult to clean, and its size cannot be increased beyond a certain limit. But by selecting a good frame for this window, you can increase its efficiency.

    Awning Windows are a great design to provide good ventilation while keeping the rain out. They are hinged at the top and open at the bottom with the use of a hand crank or slider mechanism. Awning Windows are a very practical solution for your lighting and ventilation problems in many homes may be awning windows. Awning windows are great in bathrooms, kitchens, and basements because they are perfect for smaller rooms. Look no further if you're trying to find the ideal complement to your picture window. Awning windows can be positioned underneath or next to other window types in addition to working very well on their own, such as above the kitchen sink. Imagine that you want to present a stunning landscape without any barriers, but you also need the ventilation that a picture or fixed window cannot provide. No issue, just request that your picture window be replaced with an awning window.

    One important point to make is the suggestion that you put awning windows on a ground floor because of how they open, which makes it difficult to clean them from the inside of your house.

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